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How to Clean Your Laser Printer

3rd May 2015 15:27

Every now and then your laser printer will need a clean.

It’s not the most popular of office chores but good housekeeping of your printer will benefit in the long run. To make this job a lot easier here’s a few tips on cleaning your printer.

Every now and then you will need to clean spilt toner from your toner cartridges. Here’s a few tips on cleaning your laser printer

Corona wires

Toner is attracted to the printer paper by the corona wire. If these get dirty you will see a degraded print quality and even blotchy prints. The corona wires, which can be found next to the paper rollers inside your printer, can be cleaned using a clean, dry cotton swab to gently wipe the wires

Toner guard

Toner guards are felt pads which trap excess particles from the toner cartridges. Some cartridges come with a new toner guard, but if this is not included you can remove the pads and clean them with a clean cloth to remove the excess toner powder.

Paper feed rollers

These can be cleaned with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol to remove build up of excess toner.

Fan vent

The fan vents can be cleaned using compressed air to blow dust from the fan ventilation grill. Compressed air can be purchased in small cans at very low cost.

Take caution

Laser printer technology uses very high temperatures to bond toner to paper, never clean your printer while it is on you could receive serious burns!

Toner Spillage

Clean up cloths are available for cleaning up spilt toner. These wipes contain a chemical which attracts toner particles. Never use warm or hot water to clean up toner powder as this will melt the toner particles and create a bigger mess. Also take a look at our article How To Clean Up Spilled Toner Powder for more cleaning tips.

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