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CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer And 4-Colour Filament Pack


CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer And 4-Colour Filament Pack


  • Accessories
  • Colour: Acrylic
  • Size: 130 X 130 X 130mm Print Area
  • OEM: CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer
  • In Stock - Order before 4.00pm for same day dispatch


Manufactured from high quality components, the CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer is ready to go straight from the box. Ideal for schools, hobbyists and home users the Colido Compact wouldn’t look out of place in the design office. Its transparent acrylic casing lets you view your prints through 360 degrees as they are being produced. To enable you to start printing immediately we’ve put together this CoLiDo Compact package to include everything you need to get you producing high quality colour 3D Prints.

Plug and print with no calibration

No calibration is needed with the Colido Compact before printing. Just take the printer out of the box, plug it in and start 3D printing!

Compact size

If you have limited space, or you need to move the 3D Printer from room to room, from classroom to classroom for instance, the small cube size CoLiDo Compact is perfect with its light weight, low noise level and odourless operation.

CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer

CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer

High print quality – up to 0.1 mm layer resolution

The CoLiDo Compact has a print resolution of up to 0.1 mm, the highest resolution among the same level FFF 3D printers. Using high quality CoLiDo filament, the CoLiDo Compact can build fine, smooth and accurate 3D objects.

What’s in the box?

1 X CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer - High Resolution FFF 3D Printer

1 X 500g PLA 3D Printer Filament Starter Pack - 4-Colour

4-Colour 1.75mm PLA 3D Filament Multipack - Red/Blue/Black/White/Green/Yellow 500g Filament Spool

The perfect match for your CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer; This individually packaged 4 colour pack of Red, Blue, Green and Yellow PLA filament is specifically designed for your Colido 3D Printer. With excellent processing ability our PLA Filaments are manufactured from premium grade materials to very tight tolerances to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints. Non-toxic and odourless, this PLA filament is manufactured from renewable biodegradable polymer plastic.

1 X Free 500g White PLA Filament - Also included in the package is an extra FREE white PLA filament. We have a full range of PLA filaments available for the Compact including specialty filaments such as Flexi and Wood. These can be found here.

1 X Power supply unit and power lead, including a UK plug.

1 X USB Lead

1 X Spool Holder

1 X Flash Drive

1 X Set of Allen Keys

1 x Manual – With all the information you need to start 3D printing

1 X Re-Calibration Test Sheet – The CoLiDo Compact comes ready calibrated but should you need to re-calibrate full instructions are included.

Full 12 Month Warranty

The CoLiDo Compact comes with a 12 month warranty. There will be a support telephone number in with the package which you can call should there be any questions or problems you may have with the printer. If any parts should become faulty they will be replaced.

Technical Specifications

Print Technology: FFF - Fused Filament Fabrication

Printable Area: 130 x 130 x 130 mm

Printer Size: 276 x 318 x 343 mm

Print Resolution: 100 – 400 microns

Position Precision: XY: 11 Z: 10 microns

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm

Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm

Filament Materials: PLA

Frame Appearance: Acrylic

Mechanical Bearings: Wear resistant bearing steel

Stepper Motors: 1.8 stepping angle, 1/16 micro stepping

Design Software: Repetier-Host

File Format: STL, GCO

Operating System: Windows, Mac OX, Linux

Software Connection: USB

Storage Temperature: 0 - 32C

Operation Temperature: 15 – 32C

Input Voltage: 100v - 240v

Power Output: 60w

PLA Filament Specification

Glass Temperature: 60c - 65c

Melting Temperature: 145c - 160c

Nozzle Temperature: 190c

Spool Diameter: 19.20 cms

Spool Width: 8.20 cms

Diameter of Filament: 3.3 cms

Shipping Weight: 1.3 kg

Net Weight: 0.5kg each

CoLiDo Compact 3D Printer And 4-Colour Filament Pack

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